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Long Arm Quilting Services

                              Quilting Services

  • Basting : for those who want to hand quilt

  •  Overall Pattern/Edge to Edge: any one of my many edge to edge designs

  • Border to Border: two separate patterns with the first pattern being in the center of the quilt (an edge to edge) and the second in the outer border (a border pattern).

  •  Custom/Overall: Custom block or appliqué in center and the rest a pantograph pattern.

  • Custom: block motifs, cross-hatch, Stitch in Ditch, Baptist fan or circles

  •  Binding:  Sewn to front only: $25.00.  Machine sewn to front and back: $50.00.

  •  Custom Quilt Design: piecing, quilting, and binding.  $15.00 per hour.  Call for quote. 

  • Additional Labor: piecing back, ironing, attaching a hanging sleeve, will all be done at a rate of $15.00 per hour.

                                 Quilting Charges

Stitching methods and cost per square inch are listed below:

Basting                  .010 per square inch

Overall                   .0125per square inch

Dense Overall       .020 per square inch

Custom/Overall     .020 per square inch

Border to Border  .022 per square inch

Custom                  .025 to .05 per square inch


Pricing Example

The cost of quilting is determined by the size of the quilt in square inches (multiply the width by the length) and the stitching method chosen.  For example, 85" x 100" = 8500 square inches.

Basting                         $85.00

Overall                         $105.25

Dense Overall                $170.00

Custom Overall              $170.00+

Border to Border            $187.00+

Custom                        $212.50+

*Additional charge for thread, backing, and batting.

Batting & Thread Charges


Plain             $6.00 per color

Variegated     $11.50 per color  (this is a multiple colored thread)


80/20 Poly Cotton Blend Natural      $.024 per inch

Any batting I do not carry will be charged to you at actual cost unless you supply it. 

Prepare Quilt 

1. Indicate top of quilt, if desired, with masking tape.

2. Top must be clean, pressed, threads clipped, no pins or basting.

3. Batting and Backing must be 6" larger on all sides than the quilt top, quilts will not be quilted if backing and batting are not larger than the quilt top.

4. Include fabric for binding, if required.