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Bubbly Pink to Clear Ombre Resin Puzzle Piece Dangle Earrings

These adorable earrings are a stylish way to show off your love for pink! This pair of dangle earrings features a resin puzzle piece on a push back with a resin gem dangling from the puzzle piece. The gem is secured to the puzzle piece by a jump ring and eye screw. The puzzle piece is colored by transparent pink resin dye in an ombré from light pink at the top to clear at the bottom. The gem is colored completely by the transparent pink resin dye. There are clear diamond-shaped beads in both the resin puzzle pieces and gems that look similar to bubbles. Personally, I think they look like mini ice cubes in a soda! However you want to describe them, they add fun dimension to the earrings. The pink coloring isn't overwhelming, so the earrings can easily be paired with lots of outfits!