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Red and Pink Resin Geode Slice Coasters with Holographic Glitter

This is a set of 4 resin geode slice coasters that, when aligned, form a cohesive resin geode. Because of this, the coasters are just as gorgeous on display as they are in use! This geode consists of a clear resin and glitter center, which features a custom glitter mix of pink holographic glitter, silver holographic glitter stars, and pink iridescent glitter flakes. This is used to mimic the shining crystals in the center of an actual geode. From there, the glitter center is followed by a shimmering white layer that is colored by white mica-powder. This white layer is surrounded by a thin fuchsia layer colored by pink resin dye, which blends into the surrounding layers. The final outer layer is a combination of red and dark gray that blend into each other; both of these colors are shimmering because they are colored by mica powders of the corresponding colors There are copper lines drawn on to the coasters to mimic the lines found on actual geodes. Each coaster is backed with cork, so no surfaces will be scratched when the coasters are being used. These make a spectacular piece of functional art to incorporate into you home!

International buyers: please message before purchase to get a shipping quote.