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Desert Sunrise Gift Collection

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Every home could use an artist's touch, but sometimes it is difficult to find pieces that truly go together. This set is designed to solve that problem! It features a rich variety of pieces to liven up your home without any clashing designs or colors. This particular set, the Desert Sunrise collection, is named after the rich hues and golden accents that characterize the pieces within it. The set doesn't revolve solely on quilted art pieces, it also incorporates vinyl, resin, and multimedia artwork seamlessly. Without any of the frustration of mixing and matching art pieces, you can obtain the beauty of a desert sunrise within your own home by choosing from this set of curated pieces. Creating a beautiful and uniform look to your home has never been easier.
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Bee Kind Large Canvas Tote Bag


Desert Sunrise 12 inch Envelope Pillow


Desert Sunrise Gift Collection


Desert Sunrise Table Runner


Fresh Eggs Flour Sack Kitchen Towel


Koi Fish Resin Dangle Earrings


Two Tone Resin Heart Keychain


Wooden Blessings Sign with felted flowers