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Blue Tessellating Floral Potholder

The geometric floral design on this potholder is fresh and stylish, perfect for adding some summer zen to your kitchen. Complementing the succulent pillow, this potholder has cool blue, purple, and white hues. These potholders are made with a layer of cotton and a layer of metallic Insul-Brite to prevent anything from burning through. The thick layers give it protection and yet it is still easy to fold and maneuver for your cooking needs.  It was quilted with a stipple to give it unique texture.  The backing is a swirly teal blue color to match the top.  The thread is also cotton so it will not melt or distort when used.  It is 100% washable.  Use it in your camping kitchen for the oven or to place hot things onto your picnic table for the family.