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Summer Succulent Gift Collection

The Summer Succulent gift collection features blue toned succulents and the magic of the starry sky at night. The galactic color scheme reminds you of summers warm evening breezes as you stretch out in your chair and stare at the night sky stretched overhead. The succulents lend a touch of natures beauty.

This listing includes all of the following....

-Swarovski Embellished Succulents Envelope Pillow- This one is for the plant lovers! The pillow features a watercolor-style panel with a butterfly, leaves, branches, and other florals. The coloring is cool and comforting, making it the perfect addition to your most relaxing spaces. The glittering blue border on the pillow is complemented by sparkling green, blue, purple, and white Swarovski crystals. The crystals where ironed on by hand, one at a time, to give the pillow a one-of-a-kind design. The pillow style is envelope, so the pillow case can easily be removed from the pillow form for cleaning. The pillow form is included in the listing.

-Blue Tessellating Floral Potholder- The geometric floral design on this potholder is fresh and stylish, perfect for adding some summer zen to your kitchen. Complementing the succulent pillow, this potholder has cool blue, purple, and white hues. These potholders are made with a layer of cotton and a layer of metallic Insul-Brite to prevent anything from burning through. The thick layers give it protection and yet it is still easy to fold and maneuver for your cooking needs. It was quilted with a stipple to give it unique texture. The backing is a swirly teal blue color to match the top. The thread is also cotton so it will not melt or distort when used. It is 100% washable. Use it in your camping kitchen for the oven or to place hot things onto your picnic table for the family.

- Blue Butterfly Kitchen Towel- This towel has detailed vinyl designs on a quality light blue and white striped base. The vinyl is black, silver, and glitter blue forming various butterflies and the words "Spread Your Wings". The vinyl on the towel is ironed on, so it able to be washed without complications.

-Kiwi Popsicle Shaker Keychain- A popsicle is just what you need to cool off on a warm summer day. This popsicle isn't edible, but it is so fun to have! This keychain is made using a resin base filled with oil, glitter, and clay fruit slices. When tipped, all of the fillings in the shaker move and sparkle. The resin base includes a white to blue ombre, which was colred using sparkling mica powders. The top layer of the shaker also includes iridescent flakes, resulting in a gorgeous sparkle in the sunlight. The keychain is attached to a keychain using an eye screw and a jump ring.

-Heart Shaped Resin Galaxy Coaster- This piece always reminds me of bright stars in a clear night sky. The galactic blues, purples. and blacks complement the shining iridescent flakes on the top layer of the coaster. Although this piece is sized to be a coaster, it can easily function as a trinket tray or decorative dish. However you choose to use it, this resin creation is out of this world!

-Glitter Blue Square Trinket Tray- It is unbelievably easy to lose jewelry! Taking off rings or earrings for even a second might be long enough for them to disappear. This trinket tray hopefully eliminates that problem! The tray is sized perfectly to hold a handful of rings, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry items when you don't have the time or energy to put them away right. This tray is made out of resin and is colored with purple mica powder a custom iridescent glitter mix.

-Blue with Silver Metallic Accented Button Towel- As opposed to regular kitchen towels, this button towel wraps around any handle in your kitchen and is secured with a button. So, no slipping and falling on the floor! The towel includes a geometric purple, blue, and silver fabric with assorted rectangles in the design and a silver fabric with stars that complements the first fabric. Although the fabric isn't identical to the potholder features in the collection, the consistent color scheme allows them to seamlessly work together in your kitchen.

-Bunny Bottom Keychain- This playful resin keychain features a glitterly blue and teal bunny butt. The tail and pads on the bunny's feet have a sheer layer of metallic blue mica powder, differentiating them from the rest of the piece. The resin piece is secured to the keychain by a bezel.

-Blue Galactic Circle Dangle Earrings- These earrings are crafted using light blue and blue clear resin pieces. The pieces are filled with iridescent glitter flakes and connected using silver-colored metal jump rings. They shine beautifully out in the sun!

-Star Shaped Shaker Keychain- This keychain is crafted using a blue resin base filled with iridescent flakes. This isn't an average keychain, the base is filled with a custom mix of blue glitters, a blue crystal, a rainbow crystal, and 3 small iridescent plastic rhinestones. The fillings within the shaker is set in mineral oil, so they sparkler and move around when the shaker is tipped.

This gift collection values at $167 and ships free to the US. International customers please message me for a price quote prior to purchase.
Message me if you are interested in an individual piece for a custom listing to purchase.